Chi is truly a visionary,  the ultimate professional. She has high professional and ethical standards which sadly are rare in many spheres; is vivacious, passionate and remains cutting-edge in her music knowledge and execution whilst still respecting and encompassing more traditional styles and genres.

World Vision UK, International Charity


Official write-up from DIGIPRANA SOUNDS, NY – DJ Turbine writes from NY:
“Although I DJ strictly electronic music, I’ve had the opportunity to hear six different cuts from Chi, and it sounds like she’s got something special going on there……..Best of luck to her as she continues to do her thing across the Atlantic and back!”
Electronic Music without Boundaries with DJ
JD Turbine
90.3FM WHCR, New York City


“Chi, I’ve read your bio and admire your determination. You’ve certainly accomplished quite a lot for which you should be proud.”  

Mike Hanson, BBC 6 Music, UK


“Hi Chi, I’m not taking on any new clients, unless they move me like your music does. I just have this feeling, and see many people inspired by your music. Me saying that it provides a perception on how important I think your music is, and affirms that your movement is special and unique…”                                                      

TRIP (CEO, Triple Platinum Radio, US)


“Hi Chi… your stuff sounds strong and there are no way near enough women out there doing what you do!”   

Lizzie Francis, CEO Spilt Milk Music,  UK


Good! . . well done Chi I love it….    We will speak soon!                                                                                                                   

Steve Brown, Independent Producer, UK (Sir Elton John, George Michael)


Chi, “High” – This is a very nice track, unique sound!”         

 Shane J. Stephen Music (USA)


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